‘The Exorcist VR’ Multiplayer Sequel Announced For Late 2022

2019’s multi-part VR horror game receives a proper follow-up later next year.

Fun Train (Tarzan VR, The Twilight Zone VR) today announced SIN, a direct sequel to the popular VR horror game The Exorcist: Legion VR. Coming soon to Oculus (Meta) Quest and “next-gen” VR headsets, SIN (Safety In Numbers) can be played solo or alongside a friend via cooperative multiplayer.

Originally released back in 2019, The Exorcist: Legion VR blends the action with mystery genres to deliver a captivating VR horror experience. Players are immersed in five unique stories that have them exploring atmospheric locations in search of hidden artifacts, solving puzzles, and surviving various demonic encounters. Safety In Numbers expands on the original experience with the introduction of multiplayer functionality. Players can, for the first time, face the music together in VR.

“We’ve received numerous requests for expansions of the Exorcist franchise and I’m happy to
reveal it has been underway for some time.” said Douglas Nabors, Fun Train CEO, in an official release. “Just a
word of warning – if you thought the first game was frightening… luckily this time you won’t have
to go in alone.”

The Exorcist VR: Legion VR SIN will be available in late 2022 on Oculus (Meta) Quest and “next-gen” VR headsets. For more information visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Fun Train Inc.

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