TeamViewer Offers Remote Customer Assistance Through AR

Providing on-site quality assistance through smartphone technology.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of dealing with customer service during a complex situation will tell you the horrors of communicating an issue over the phone. Whether it be operating heavy machinery, providing IT support, or handling dangerous materials, having an expert at your side would be immensely helpful during situations where over-the-phone instructions just won’t cut it.

TeamViewer Pilot, a new service from TeamViewer, offers an elegant new solution to remote customer assistance by using smartphone technology to project 3D augmented instructions onto real-world objects.

By signing up for TeamViewer’s monthly subscription service, users gain access to a suite of support tools that provide on-site quality assistance remotely via real-time video streaming and augmented reality enhancements. After setting up a router and connecting to the TeamViewer Pilot app, customers can use their smartphone devices to receive real-time support from remote experts who are able to guide them through problems using on-screen instructions.

Image Credit: TeamViewer

To get started, companies simply need to install TeamViewer, have their partner/customer download the TeamViewer Pilot app, and enter the partner’s ID (displayed in the TeamViewer Pilot app) into the TeamViewer Partner ID field. Customers can then point their smartphones camera at the problem area, allowing the customer service rep to place augmented 3D notifications and use voice communication to better explain the process or solution.

TeamViewer hopes their remote AR support system will help reduce the cost and improve the security of conventional customer support by offering on-site quality assistance remotely over a secured connection via RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

TeamViewer Pilot is available now for $39.99 per month.

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