Samsung Announces Improved HMD Odyssey Plus

The latest edition of Samsung’s Odyssey VR headset promises better visuals and a more comfortable fit.

Samsung earlier this morning revealed its HMD Odyssey Plus, an updated version of the companies 2017 Windows Mixed Reality headset, delivering improved visuals, new functionality, and a more comfortable design.

Using what the company refers to as Anti-Screen Door Effect (Anti-SDE) Display technology, the Odyssey Plus is able to combat the notorious “Screen Door Effect” which can hamper a users experience and often lead to mild dizziness and nausea. Anti-SDE diminishes fixed pattern noise, delivering an estimated PPI (pixels per inch) of 1,233 PPI2. This, combined with the headsets dual 3.5” AMOLED displays, results in a more quality VR experience when compared to the original 2017 model. In terms of audio, the built-in AKG premium headphones make a return, providing high quality 360-degree spatial sound capable of simulating realistic 3D audio.

For assistance interacting with the real-world while in headset, Samsung has turned the Odyssey Plus controllers into mixed reality flashlights of sorts. This gives users the ability to view reality while in an experience by using their controller to “shine a light” on specific areas.

Weighing a few ounces less than the 2017 original, the Plus also features several upgrades in comfort. This includes the ability to customize the distance between the screens via the Pupillary Distance (IPD) wheel, as well as breathable anti-fog face padding.

“Samsung strives to develop meaningful innovations that deliver unique experiences to all consumers,” said YoungGyoo Choi, Senior Vice President of the PC Business Team, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, in an official release. “With industry-leading display technology and an enhanced, premium design, the new Samsung HMD Odyssey+ offers new levels of immersion, improving upon its already brilliant display resolution for a consumer immersive headset.”

You can check out the detailed system specifications here.

The Samsung Odyssey Plus is available now for $499 via the Samsung and Microsoft stores.

Image Credit: Samsung

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