Hand & Finger Tracking Coming Soon To The HTC Vive Pro

HTC reveals native hand/finger tracking for Vive Pro alongside 6DoF functionality for Vive Focus.

It looks as though the front-facing cameras on your Vive Pro will finally begin seeing some use as HTC reveals plans to launch native support for hand and finger tracking on their high-end PC VR headset.

HTC revealed the devices exciting tracking capabilities during their time at last weeks 2018 World Conference on VR Industry in Nanchang, China. While there, the company demonstrated the headsets ability to accurately track the specific positions of a users hands, minus the need of any physical attachment or third-party tracking device. All the magic takes place natively on the headset thanks a pair of front-facing cameras that monitor the position and depth of objects within their view.

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HTC teased hand tracking support for the Vive Pro back in April during the headsets initial launch, but has since remained elusive in regards to future support. Hopefully this marks a new beginning for the powerful VR headset, which received a lukewarm response from the public due to an expensive price tag and limited launch bundles.

Allowing these tracking capabilities without the need of an external device, such as the popular Leap Motion controller, could finally put the Vive Pro on the map by providing users a one-of-a-kind AAA VR experience that can be operated naturally with their own two hands.

HTC’s standalone headset, the Vive Focus, also received its fair share of attention at the event as the company revealed upcoming support for 6DoF functionality. Available soon to registered Viveport developers, the Vive Focus 6DoF Developer Kit will contain two 6DoF controllers, a headset-mounted tracking attachment, and a custom suite of related developer tools to help get creators started.

Those looking to get involved early can register for a developer kit here.

Developer tools for this new functionality will be open to registered Viveport developers soon.

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