Tetris-Inspired PvP VR Game Battle Blocks Coming To Oculus Quest

A multiplayer PvP VR game directly inspired by the 1986 classic.

Originally released in 1986 on the long since-forgotten Electronika 60, legendary tile-matching puzzle game Tetris has seen nearly every adaptation under the sun. Since its release the game has appeared on over 65 platforms; this includes several online multiplayer renditions as well as a popular multiplayer battle royale release. But what about VR?

Coming soon to the Oculus Quest, Battle Blocks is a fast-paced PvP puzzle game inspired by the infamous classic and reimagined for the VR headsets. Set within a futuristic 3D environment, players use their motion controllers to rotate and stack their 3D blocks in head-to-head battles against other humans.

Just like Tetris, random blocks will drop from the sky as you continue to add to your growing stack. When properly aligned, a transparent holographic overlay will appear and the block will automatically snap into place. Correctly fill a layer and watch as it disintegrates into nothingness; let your stack grow too tall, however, and watch as it collapses into a messy pile of metaphorical failure. As if that weren’t stressful enough, your enemy will be standing directly across from you, judging each decision you make as you duke it out for puzzle glory.

The project is still in development, so there’s no word yet on an official release date. Based on the official Twitter account it appears as though the developer is currently experimenting with a variety of features and improvements, including different stack alignments designed to reduce neck fatigue.

For additional information check out the official Battle Blocks VR Twitter account or visit

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