Virtual Pokémon Theme Park Open To The Public For A Limited Time

Pikachu dance shows, live battles, and Pokémon-themed carnival games galore.

Today marks the start of the Pokémon Virtual Fest, an online-only Pokémon-themed event composed of multiple games, rides, and performances centered around the iconic Japanese franchise. The app is in Japanese, which can make it difficult to navigate at times, but not impossible. Besides, what lies beyond the gates of this digital amusement park is definitely worth some minor frustration.

Running now until August 31st, fans can use their PC VR headsets as well as their smartphone devices to immerse themselves in a colorful virtual space tailor-made for the Pokémon community. Upon first entering the experience, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from three Pokémon Sword & Shield avatars: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. From there, you’re then free to enjoy the park and all its digital amenities.

There are several rides, such as the Poké Ball Ferris Wheel and Sky Ocean Cruise, as well as various carnival games, like the Inteleon Shooting Range or the Dugtrio Ring Toss. On certain days you can even catch a few Pokémon battles and scheduled stage events, including several Pikachu dance shows and massive firework displays.

You can also partner up with friends to unlock additional attractions and clothing for all other players by completing special team challenges such as solving complex riddles and exploring mazes. Once you’ve completed a challenge, commemorate the moment with a team selfie that will last a lifetime.

Pokémon Virtual Fest runs now until August 31st. Those who log in August 29-31 can catch several adorable Pikachu dance performances guaranteed to leave even the most cynical attendee grinning like an idiot.

To get started, download the Cluster app for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Then it’s simply a matter of running the app with your PC VR headset connected. Those without VR can access a 2D version the same event via an iOS or Android device.

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