You Can Now Use Oculus Link With Nearly Any USB-C Cable

Accessing PC VR content via your standalone headset just became exponentially easier.

This past November, Facebook began rolling out beta access to Oculus Link, a game-changing service that allows standalone users to access high-end PC VR content on their Oculus Quest headsets using a compatible USB-C 3.0 cable. Due to high demand, however, Oculus’ official solution has been extremely difficult to obtain, as have several popular third-party alternatives.

Fortunately, a new update to the Rift Public Test Channel appears to have introduced support for a wide variety of existing USB-C 2.0 cables, including the USB-C charging cable that comes standard with every Oculus Quest. So, if you already own a Quest headset, chances are you also have a compatible Oculus Link cable.

Originally discovered by UploadVR, players can access USB 2.0 Link by opting into the Rift Public Test Channel via the official Oculus desktop app. Simply launch the client, head to the “Beta” tab located in the settings menu, and toggle the switch labeled “Public Test Channel”. For the best possible in-headset experience, Oculus recommends you still use a USB 3.0 cable, though it’s unclear as to what impact this has on performance.

While several third-party wireless streaming options exist for the Oculus Quest (see Virtual Desktop and Riftcat), Oculus Link remains the most reliable option for those looking to access PC VR content on their standalone headset. Introducing support for USB 2.0 offers players a wide range of cheaper and more easily-accessible cables; this is especially important considering the unique length needed for comfortable play. Personally, we recommend nothing short than 15 feet.

Image Credit: Facebook, Oculus

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