Netflix VR Launches on Google Daydream

You can finally watch your favorite Netflix show lying on your back.

Only a day after seven new apps dropped on Google’s Daydream VR platform, we finally got the one app that many of us have all be waiting patiently to arrive this month. You can now watch your favorite Netflix shows in virtual reality.

Netflix just launched their brand new ‘Netflix VR’ app in the Play Store, letting you sit in a virtual environment and watch all the content your heart desires on a giant living room screen. You can look down and see the couch you’re sitting on and flip through the Netflix catalog with the wave of the wireless controller.


Although the Netflix VR app lets you only access their library of 2D video content for now, we can only hope that Netflix will eventually begin serving us 360° VR video content in the future, taking that “Netflix and chill” experience to an entirely new immersive level.

Netflix does have one feature that many of you have been wishing for, something that is missing from other VR apps like HBO — that is the ability to lie on your back to watch video. When you fire up the Netflix VR app, you can look at the ceiling and click in the center of the chandelier hanging overhead. Icons will pop up and if you click on the third icon that looks like a steering wheel, the giant virtual screen will follow wherever you look. Now you can really just chill out watching Netflix laid back in bed.


Powered by the Google Pixel phone (the first Daydream ready phone), Daydream View is Google’s solution to bringing VR to mass consumers with a more comfortable and simple mobile VR system — all for the price of $79. Netflix VR pushes Google closer to the 50 apps that were promised to drop by the end of the year, making this one app we’re sure to be using during the holidays.

Will binge watching in VR ever become a thing? Let us know about your longest VR viewing sessions in the comments below.

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