Meta Upgrades Hand Tracking On Quest VR Headsets

The company’s new VR game, Move Fast, demonstrates major improvements in latency.

Meta this week announced that update v56 will soon begin rolling out on Meta Quest headsets. This latest software update introduces a number of exciting improvements to Quest, including new accessibility options, button remapping, system-wide local dimming, and the return of Facebook livestreaming.

The v56 update also introduces Hand Tracking 2.2, which according to Meta reduces latency by 40% during typical movements and 75% while performing faster actions. To help showcase just how much hand responsiveness has improved, Meta has launched a new hand-tracking demo called Move Fast.

Available free on App Lab, Move Fast is a rhythm-based VR game similar to that of existing titles like Beat Saber or Litesport, only instead of motion controllers, you punch, chop, and block targets using your own two hands. Based on the trailer provided, you can choose from a variety of tracks as you build up combos and improve your highscores.

Move Fast is available to download free on Meta Quest headsets now via App Lab, Meta’s VR marketplace for games and apps that have yet to receive official store approval.

For more information on update v56 for Meta Quest check out the official blog post here.

Feature Image Credit: Meta

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