Meta Is Opening An Arcade Restaurant In Horizon Worlds

New information will be revealed in a TV spot that will air during the Super Bowl.

Earlier today, Meta (formerly Facebook) posted a cryptic video on YouTube teasing Questy’s, an old-school arcade restaurant that will serve as the setting for an upcoming TV spot that will air on Sunday, February 13th during the Super Bowl.

The 60-second commercial will center around a group of estranged friends who reconnect using the Quest 2 and Horizon Worlds, Meta’s very own VR social platform, aka metaverse. In a rather interesting twist, the subjects featured in the commercial aren’t people, but animatronics. One can only assume the commercial will end with our mechanical protagonists reuniting on-stage at Questy’s.

But that’s not even the cool part. According to Meta, you too will have the ability to visit Questy’s in VR. In an official release, Dave Kaufman & Chelsey Susin Kantor of the Meta marketing team said that the company has built a virtual replica of the vintage arcade restaurant in Horizon Worlds that will be publically available to all Quest 2 users.

As for what this digital dining establishment will consist of, well, that remains to be seen. That said, the odds are good we can expect Meta’s animatronic friend group to make an appearance.

Credit: Meta

I’d also like to see some additional interactivity with the environment itself, such as playable arcade machines. Horizon Worlds offers a wide range of creator tools that, in the right hands, can be used to build complex games, environments, and interactions. Hopefully, Questy’s will serve as a symbol of what’s possible in Meta’s ever-growing VR metaverse.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll just have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to find out more. That said, we’re optimistic regarding the future of Horizon Worlds. The upcoming ad was producedby Meta Reality Labs and Anomaly LA.

Feature Image Credit: Meta

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