Looking Glass 8K Holographic Display Is Absolutely Massive

Looking Glass Factory adds second-gen 4K and 8K systems to its growing lineup of glasses-free 3D holographic interfaces.

After years of watching sci-fi television shows and movies, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day I could purchase my very own Minority Report-esque 3D display. Looking Glass Factory, a Brooklyn-based company specializing in holographic light field display technology, has been working since 2015 to bring 3D technology into the mainstream with its lineup of Looking Glass holographic displays.

This past December, the company launched the Looking Glass Portrait, its first-ever “portrait-orientated” 3D display engineered specifically to display people and characters. This was followed by the reveal of a cloud-based conversion service that transforms standard 2D images into 3D holograms within a matter of seconds.

Today, the company revealed the latest additions to its next-generation lineup, the Looking Glass 4K Gen2 and Looking Glass 8K Gen2. These second-gen displays feature a new “blockless” design, resulting in thinner, lighter hardware as well as improved optics designed to reduce ambient reflections and improve group viewability.

Image Credit: Looking Glass Factory

The Looking Glass 4K Gen2 features a solid 15.6” display. Like the Looking Glass Portrait, the 4K Gen2 can run in standalone mode, removing the need for a tethered PC. The Looking Glass 8K Gen2, on the other hand, boasts a massive 32” display, making it “the largest available holographic interface on the market” according to the company.

“Our goal with this new generation of holographic interfaces was to create systems that were more accessible to anyone interested in communicating ideas with lifelike realism,” said Shawn Frayne, CEO of Looking Glass Factory, in an official release. “From Looking Glass Portrait to our Looking Glass 8K Gen2 interface, we are offering a lineup that meets the needs of individuals and enterprises alike.” 

Image Credit: Looking Glass Factory

The Looking Glass 4K Gen2 features a price tag of $3,000. Those interested in the Looking Glass 8K Gen2 can pick one up for $17,500 ($15,000 for a limited time). Both products are available for preorder and will begin shipping this Fall.

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Feature Image Credit: Looking Glass Factory

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