Violin Virtuoso Lindsey Stirling To Perform Live In VR For The First Time

Help celebrate the launch of her latest album with a virtual interactive performance. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the works of Lindsey Stirling, the talented musician is best known for her one-of-a-kind violin performances in which she blends a variety of musical genres while at the same time performing choreographed dance routines. 

First rising to prominence after her quarter-final performance on season five of America’s Got Talent and the release of her first music video on YouTube, “Spontaneous Me,” the American violinist/dancer/singer-songwriter has since released four solo studio albums, conducted six live tours, and even appeared as a contestant on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars.

Today, the multitalented act announced her latest musical venture: a live performance of her upcoming studio album, “Artemis,” held entirely in VR. 

On August 26th at 12pm PT, users can strap into their VR headsets and log into Wave, an online music festival platform, to catch a live interactive concert by Stirling during which she’ll perform a variety of songs off her fifth and latest album, as well as several never-before-heard tracks—including the world premiere of her new single, “Guardian.”

In a video posted to Stirling’s official Twitter account, the musician can be seen wearing what appears to be an XSens 3D motion capture suit and Manus VR Gloves. This device captures Stirling’s movements and translates them into VR in real-time, allowing her to perform complex dance routines just as she would in real-life. While Stirling will be performing the entirety of the show, she’ll be doing so as her character “Artemis,” goddess of the moon and the protagonist of her latest album. 

Image Credit: Wave

“My goal with this music video was to introduce my fans to a very specific world that this album lives in as well as the characters that the album is written about,” stated the musician during an interview with “The album is called ‘Artemis’ – after the goddess of the moon. This album tells her story in how she became the goddess that would bring light to darkness.”

Fans can enjoy the show in VR via the headset of their choice and occupy the venue as a standard avatar or floating star; attendees are encouraged to interact and engage with the experience by posting comments and questions. 

The action kicks-off August 26th at 12pm PT on Wave, available for free on SteamVR and the Oculus Store. Those without VR headsets can view the action via one of the several live streams being hosted on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. 

While we have already seen plenty of VR performances by several big-name acts in the past, many—if not all— were DJ’s and producers locked behind standard DJ booths. Stirling’s shows, on the other hand, involve a great deal of physicality, both in her music and dancing. Stirling’s performance could be a game-changer for VR entertainment, serving as proof that physically-intensive performances are entirely possible within a virtual space.

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