Librarium Launches VR Study Tool For The Quest 2

Access 35 virtual study decks designed to improve retention and memory for the MCATs.

Librarium, a leader in immersive education whose innovative approach helps students prepare for tests and improve their memory retention and performance using their patent-pending VR technology, has announced the launch of their study tool app for the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

The app will feature over a hundred test prep flashcard decks that cover various subjects such as biology, philosophy, and environmental sciences. In addition, through its partnership with Kaplan, the company will also provide premium content that exceeds the industry’s highest standards.

As VR headset adoption is predicted to grow by 18.2% in the next few years for students as a study tool, it makes sense to create more educational experiences that can be accessed by a VR headset. 

“We believe there is tremendous opportunity for innovation in the $11 billion test prep market,” stated Librarium CEO Duane Mathes in an official press release, who adds, “By leveraging our patent-pending VR technology, we’re creating a highly immersive environment that integrates proven visual memorization and retention techniques, based on Memory Palace concepts mastered by Socrates in 400BC.”

As a result of this contextual learning approach through VR, Mathes also states that “students are able to increase their long-term memory retention by 30 percent or more within a fun, engaging platform that increases the quantity of information retained by more than 200 percent. And, through our partnership with Kaplan, we’re delivering premium content that exceeds the highest industry standards, while leveraging all the incredible benefits of virtual reality.

Once you purchase the app on your Quest VR headset you’ll be prompted to download a companion app (available for iOS and Android). You’ll then be asked to build out your own customized virtual decks and flashcards for any subject that can be accessed in Librarium’s VR study experience. 

Like everything in the world, there is science behind all of it! Librarium applied deep Game Theory principles in its design, creating engaging and gamified VR worlds filled with fun puzzles that will inspire you to keep jumping back into VR so you can continue your studies and improve your performance. 

Librarium will also provide you with a complete bundle that includes 35 virtual decks, which are designed to help students improve their performance and memory retention on the MCAT. However, this bundle is not available at the moment but will be in the near future.

If that wasn’t enough, it should also be noted that through their partnership with Kaplan, you’ll be able to access comprehensive online and in-person tutoring programs covering multiple subjects.

Jennifer Moore, executive director of pre-med programs at Kaplan, talked about the value of their partnership with Librarium, saying, “Our partnership with Librarium is facilitating new and cutting-edge ways for students to access our proven test prep content, which has been customized and reimagined for this compelling immersive environment.”

“These premium decks signify Kaplan’s continued advancement into the world of VR and we’re excited to be working side-by-side with Librarium.”

The Librarium app is available now on the Meta Quest Store for only $19.99.

Image Credit: Librarium

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