Disney Released An AR Short Film Starring Brie Larson

Remembering: The AR Experience is available now to Disney+ subscribers.

This past Thursday was Disney Plus Day, an annual event designed to promote new films and television series coming to popular streaming services. This year’s celebration featured everything from a sneak peek at Andor, the latest series in the Star Wars franchise, to the surprise premiere of BTS: Permission to Dance On Stage – LA, a feature-length documentary featuring South Korean boy band BTS.

There was also the reveal of Remembering, an AR-powered short film starring and produced by Oscar-winner and Marvel superhero Brie Larson. Directed and written by filmmaker Elijah Allan-Blitz, the eight-minute story follows a struggling writer, played by Larson, as she teams up with her inner child to “recover” her lost idea, which exists as a sort of abstract cloud of light.

In order to access the experience, users can download a dedicated companion app on their iOS device and scan a special QR code on their TV to bring “The World of Imagination,” a whimsical fantasy world where the character’s inner-child resides, to life in the real world.

“Where do ideas come from? And where do they go when they’re forgotten? These central questions are brought to life in “Remembering”, an original short film by Emmy-winning director Elijah Allan-Blitz, starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson,” said Disney. 

“With a first-of-its-kind companion Augmented Reality app, where the AR experience is triggered by the film’s moving image, select Disney+ subscribers in the U.S. can interact with the story by scanning the TV to extend The World of Imagination into their living room.”

Remembering: The AR Experience is available now to Disney+ subscribers. In order to access the aforementioned AR content, you’ll need to download the free companion app on a compatible iOS device.

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