DUSTNET Is A PC, VR, AR Deathmatch Experience Set Inside An Abandoned Counter-Strike Server

Sign-in to a long-forgotten de_dust2 server and take part in an asymmetrical cross-platform battle.

Available today on PC, SteamVR, Google Play, and the App Store, DUSTNET is an asymmetrical cross-platform deathmatch experience that allows players on various platforms, including desktop PC/Mac, VR, and mobile AR, to fight with or alongside each other in an abandoned de_dust2 sever from the original Counter-Strike. If this all sounds confusing to you, that’s only because it is.

Users are broken up into three types depending on the platform they’re playing on. First, there are the standard desktop players. Using a mouse and keyboard to move and fire weapons, these ground-based players navigate a wireframe rendition of the legendary map and can unlock special admin commands, such as “bhop,” “noclip,” and “teleport,” to gain a leg up on the competition.

Image Credit: SCRNPRNT

Meanwhile, players in VR float above the map using their two God-like hands to rain down fire on enemies below; users in VR can also use their hands to manipulate the map itself, such as adjusting the size and shape of walls and buildings. Players on mobile can also get in on the action, using their device to render the same battlefield on any flat surface in AR. Mobile players can then move around the map by physically walking around the AR battlefield and shoot projectiles at enemies by tapping on the screen.

Image Credit: SCRNPRNT

According to develop SCRNPRNT, players are free to compete against each other in an all-out free-for-all battle, break-up into teams, or simply experiment with and explore the map.

DUSTNET is currently %15 off on Steam ($5.09). AR players can download the companion app free-of-charge via Google Play and the App Store.

Featured Image Credit: SCRNPRNT

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