Coachella Attendees Get Custom Cardboard VR Headsets

The official Coachella VR app will work on Google Cardboard and Gear VR.

At last year’s Coachella we saw early VR experiments on the festival grounds with H&M and Samsung quietly letting attendees check out experiences on Gear VR headsets from inside air-conditioned tents. Now Coachella is going all in on VR.

Coachella announced that it will ship a cardboard VR viewer and a VR app for mobile devices to those who purchase tickets for the 2016 music festival. If you’re not one of the lucky few to attend the sold-out festival that takes place over two weekends from April 16 – April 24, you can still join the party from the comfort of your home too.


The Cardboard VR viewer app will let you watch live acts from a unique vantage point in an “unforgettable immersive experience.”

All Coachella ticket holders will receive a Coachella Welcome Box that includes an entry wristband, welcome guide and a free Coachella VR viewer with instructions for downloading the app via iOS, Android and Samsung Gear VR app stores.


Before, during, and after the festival in April, fans from all over the world can be immersed in performances from top artists (including Matt & Kim, Gallant, and Chef Fretz, with more to be announced), experience 360-degree panoramic experiences from around the festival grounds, and watch VR experiences created by other festival-goers. More VR content will be released leading up to the festival.


Coachella has not been shy at experimenting with new technology experiences in the past, which have included everything from a Tupac Hologram, projection mapping, RFID engagements, mobile apps and messaging, and augmented hearing.

Coachella partnered up with to power the Coachella VR application.

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