Asymmetrical Co-op Puzzle Platformer ‘VR Giants’ Heads To Kickstarter, Free Demo Available

Use your god-like powers to protect your tiny companion from fire, spikes, and other deadly traps.

VR Giants is an upcoming asymmetrical VR co-op puzzle platformer from developer Wolfgang Tschauko in which one player in VR (Goliath) must use their body to help safely escort a smaller second player (David) through a series of deadly puzzles and dangerous environmental hazards.

Unlike the VR player, those controlling David do so locally using a standard gamepad, allowing them to run and jump throughout the environment like a standard 2D platformer.

Unlike asymmetrical VR games such as Acron: Attack of the Squirrels and Takelings House Party, VR Giants focuses on cooperative gameplay, tasking Goliath with assisting tiny David throughout his adventure.

Sometimes this means using your massive hands as a bridge to help David traverse impossible obstacles; other times you may be required operate massive machinery. Along the way David will need to collect a series of coins and keys scattered throughout each location in order to secure your freedom.

Wolfgang Tshauko states that while a large portion of the game has already been completed, the visuals are still in need of some work. To help support an artist in putting the finishing touches on this charming cooperative experience, the developer today launched an official Kickstarter which has already wracked up $3,800 in donations.

Depending on the pledge amount, backers will receive everything from a copy of the game upon release, game art, and prototype access, to personalized VR giants, a private online developer session, and dinner with developer just to name a few.

It’s exciting to see more cooperative asymmetrical experiences begin to make their way to VR headsets. While titles such as Acron: Attack of the Squirrels have accounted for some of my favorite moments inside a headset, the idea of using your body to support other players as opposed to harming them is a refreshing change of pace from the constant pvp conflict.

VR Giants launches next year on Steam. You can also try out a free 10-minute demo by subscribing to the official newsletter.

If you like the sound of using your body as a bridge to assist other players, might I recommend checking out Roblox VR, free on PC VR headsets.

Image Credit: Wolfgang Tschauko

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