AR App Lets You Play ‘Space Invaders’ On A Beer Can Because Why Not?

The Swigr app promises to boost brand engagement using its new AR gamification feature.

Australian-based developer Immertia has released an app that allows alcohol brands to gamify beer cans using AR technology. Using the app Swigr, users can scan custom labels located printed on beverage containers to access various entertainment. According to the company, the Swigr app can be used to increase brand engagement by allowing consumers to physically interact with their drinks in a variety of ways.

To help showcase its technology in action, Immertia has released a new AR game called Beer Invaders which—as you might expect—can be played on a basic aluminum beer can. Inspired by the classic arcade game Space Invaders, drinkers access the game by scanning a custom-made label using the Swigr app on their iOS or Android device. Drinkers can then point their smartphones at the can and tap on the screen to shoot lasers at the unfortunately alien invaders.

“Innovative and simplified platforms that allow for easier connection between brands and customers are a crucial component to the ongoing success of any brand, even more so across the beverage industry given the disruptive influence the pandemic has had on the way people socialize,” said Dave Chaffey, founder and strategic development lead at Swigr in an official release.

Image Credit: Immertia

The company states that it’s already collaborated with a variety of private brands on a number of original experiences, including brewers such as Paulaner in Germany, and smaller ones in Hawaii, Philadelphia, New Jersey, North Carolina, New Zealand, and Australia.

For more information on Immertia’s offerings visit here.

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