5 VR Games Perfect For Beginner Players

You can’t go wrong with the following games and apps!

With VR having officially gone mainstream, more people than ever find themselves picking up a headset to see what all the fuss is about. Whether you’re on a standalone VR device such as the Meta Quest 2 or one of the many PC VR headsets currently available, you’ll find no shortage of incredible games and apps to immerse yourself in.

For those jumping into VR for the first time, it can be a little intimidating navigating the massive catalog of software available to download. The following are five VR games perfect for beginner players.

Beat Saber

What best-of list would be complete without Beat Saber? Whether you’re playing for the first time or as a veteran player, this immensely popular VR rhythm game is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Players are tasked with using their motion controllers to slice neon-colored bricks to the beat of an eclectic EDM soundtrack. The gameplay is simple, but incredibly addicting, offering an immersive musical experience that’s spawned numerous clones.

Developer Beat Games is constantly adding new music from popular artists like Lady Gaga and BTS. You can also find additional game modes like 360-degree levels and PvP multiplayer.

Horizon Worlds

Meta (formerly) has invested quite a bit of time and money in its VR metaverse Horizon Worlds, and the effort shows. The ever-growing social platform features countless worlds and interactive experiences built by the community for the community.

You can compete against others in a variety of PvP games, catch a live show in Venues, or meet up with friends during one of many in-game events. There’s also a robust suite of creator tools you can use to build and share your own games and worlds.

And the best part is all of the aforementioned features are available to access 100% free of charge for those on Quest 2.

Tilt Brush

While it’s true that gaming has been a major driving force in the mainstream adoption of VR technology, we can’t ignore the technologies potential in the fields of art and design. Tilt Brush represents the best of both these worlds, offering a groundbreaking creative experience that lets you paint in a 3D space.

The app features a number of different colors and brush strokes to employ, allowing you to craft everything from stylish self-portraits to complex virtual environments you can actually explore. There are also different brushes and shaders as well as audio reactive features. Once you’ve finished you can upload your sketches to the Unity editor.

Ultrawings 2

When it comes to VR flight sims, you can’t go wrong with Ultrawings 2. The open-world aerial adventure game offers access to a variety of unique aircraft throughout its 40-60 hour campaign.

Completing jobs earns you access to new planes to pilot (including a helicopter) and islands to explore during the day and night. There’s even online multiplayer with support for up to eight pilots.

The game is unique in that it offers an immersive gameplay experience while remaining accessible to new VR players as well as first-time flyers. There’s even an arcade shooting gallery for those seeking an additional challenge.

Walkabout Mini Golf

As a fan of miniature golf, I feel slightly biased adding this one to the list, but Walkabout Mini Golf is simply too much fun not to include. Developer Mighty Coconut spent their time crafting a realistic golfing experience complete with a variety of whimsical environments.

The game features a generous selection of 18-hole courses with new ones being added on a regular basis. Recent DLC includes the delicious Sweetopia, the ancient Shangri-La, and the legendary El Dorado just to name a few. There are also over 188 custom golf balls to collect.

Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics you can take your skills online and compete against friends and strangers or just kick back and enjoy the driving range.

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