YouTube Introduces VR180 Format

So you don’t have to look behind you.

During a keynote at Vidcon, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage to announce the rollout of a new video format called VR180.

As the name implies, the YouTube video format focuses on the 180-degree field of view in front of you. This lets YouTube creators make immersive stereoscopic video without having to worry about what’s behind the camera.

The VR180 format splits the difference between full 360° VR video and standard video. Mostly born out of the idea of making VR content easier to shoot for creators, you’ll be able to set up and film your videos the way you normally would with any other camera. The video can be viewed on screens or on mobile.

According to YouTube, you’ll also soon be able to edit using familiar tools like Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Google Daydream team is also is working with several manufacturers to build cameras from the ground up for VR180. Cameras from YI, Lenovo, and LG are on the way, and the first ones will hit shelves this winter according to YouTube. All are expected to be as easy to use as point-and-shoot cameras, with similar pricing.

For other manufacturers, YouTube is opening up a VR180 certification program and Z CAM will be one of their first partners.

VR180 also supports livestreaming videos so creators and fans can be together in real time.

You can learn more and sign up for updates at If you can’t wait to try these out, eligible creators can apply to loan a VR180-enabled camera from YouTube Spaces around the globe.

With YouTube already having invested years building VR products and gathering data around viewing behavior, including heatmaps, it wouldn’t be a surprise if data showed that most content is only watched within the 180-degree field-of-view in front of you.

VR180 can unlock new opportunities for even more creators to capture VR memories. You can view a playlist below:

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