Play As A Transformer In This Upcoming Multiplayer Location-Based VR Game

The 4-person competitive VR shooter arrives later this month at IAAPA Expo.

Earlier today, Hasbro unveiled a new location-based VR experience that will allow Transformers fans to engage with the franchise like never before. Developed by award-winning game studio Minority Media, Transformers: VR Battle Arena is an upcoming multi-person location-based VR experience in which up to four players duke it out in a competitive PvP matchup across several towering environments. 

Image Credit: Hasbro, Minority Media

It’s a fairly simple concept: the Allspark, an ancient artifact capable of creating new Transformer life, has been broken into multiple pieces and dispersed across three locations around the globe: a downtown cityscape, the industrial refinery, and the docks. Stepping into the roles of several famous Transformers characters, players must battle one another for control over the device’s powerful remnants; the bot carrying the most shards by the end of the match wins. These shards can be found scattered across each map or obtained by defeating enemy players.

“An out-of-home multiplayer virtual reality game is an exciting way to put fans right into the middle of the larger-than-life action associated with the TRANSFORMERS franchise,” says Casey Collins, GM & SVP of Entertainment and Licensing at Hasbro, in an official release. “Now anyone can become the heroic Autobots Optimus Prime or Bumblebee, or unleash their inner Decepticon by stepping into the role of Megatron or Soundwave for a massively fun battle on the epic scale fans have come to expect.”

Image Credit: Hasbro, Minority Media

“There are generations of fans who will now be able to experience actually becoming one of the huge TRANSFORMERS bots,” adds Vander Caballero, CEO of Minority Media. “Minority Media and Hasbro have come together to craft a heart-pounding player versus player battle – a truly fun and immersive TRANSFORMERS adventure that delivers the awe-inspiring thrill of being and seeing building-sized TRANSFORMERS robots as you chase and fight your way through this game.”

Transformers: VR Battle Arena will be available to try from November 9th to the 22nd at this year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida (booth #3088). Hasbro and Minority will be providing ongoing support for VR Battle Arena in the form of new characters, different play modes — including team-based competitions — different environments, additional power-ups, and a variety of improved weaponry. Hasbro has confirmed that VR Battle Arena will eventually be made available to location-based entertainment providers interested in featuring the experience at their arcades. 

Image Credit: Hasbro, Minority Media

“VR is getting traction and becoming more ubiquitous in out of home entertainment locations, but until now the big brand experiences have only been offered in tourist venues and big cities as standalone destinations,” says Michael Zaidan, VP Business Development and Sales at Minority Media. “We are excited to bring a blockbuster brand like TRANSFORMERS to locations everywhere so fans can have a chance to enjoy this incredible experience in their hometown.”

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Feature Image Credit: Hasbro, Minority Media

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