This Motion Simulator Lets You ‘Walk’ In VR While Sitting IRL

A VR motion sim designed for gaming, multimedia entertainment, and workplace productivity.

SitWalk is a new VR motion simulator from VR hardware and software company Mr. Art Digital Technology that allows you to move naturally throughout the virtual world from a seated position. The device promises to enhance existing VR games while simultaneously reducing motion sickness by allowing you to rotate in 360-degrees while keeping your hands free to interact with the in-game world.

The company’s unique motion simulator is composed of an ergonomic gaming chair mounted on top of a motorized platform. Located at the base of the device is an advanced disc pedal equipped with deep-integrated sensors. By applying physical pressure to certain parts of the disk pedal you’re able to “walk” forward, backward, side-to-side, and rotate 360-degrees in the virtual world with minimal latency.

“Virtual Reality is changing the way people interact with games, entertainment and work,” said SitWalk CEO Lei Chen in an official release.” As VR technology advances, hardware integration and input technology has lagged behind. Until now, all traditional VR motion technologies have failed to provide an optimal solution that can combine a high level of immersion with convenience and comfort.

SitWalk changes that. With a novel approach to foot-based movement, SitWalk is deeply immersive, provides a natural, intuitive method of movement through the virtual world while comfortably seated, and reduces the fatigue and dizziness that many VR games might cause. SitWalk lets you interact with your virtual surroundings in a safe way for a fuller, more enhanced, and thrilling virtual experience.” 

In addition to the disk pedal, SitWalk can be customized to serve a variety of use-cases. Several images provided by the company tease a racing configuration complete with a steering wheel controller, foot pedals, and a gear shifter. The company also sells an attachable desk that can be used for workplace activities. According to the official Kickstarter page, the SitWalk is designed for gaming, multimedia entertainment, and workplace productivity.

Mr. Art Digital Technology says that SitWalk is compatible with all major VR headsets. This includes the Meta Quest 2 as well as PC VR headsets such as the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Rift S just to name a few. The device supposedly works with a number of SteamVR and Viveport games like Half-Life: Alyx, Skyrim VR, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Mr. Art Digital Technology is looking for $50,000 in funding by June 16th. Those interested in backing the project can choose from several different models, some of which include additional add-ons such as the gaming seat and tabletop kit.

The team hopes to begin mass production of SitWalk in July with the first shipments going out to early backers by the end of August. For more information visit the official Kickstarter page here.

Image Credit: Mr. Art Digital Technology

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