Get Ready for Puppy Bowl in VR

Alright people, grab your VR viewer and a good pair of headphones, because the cuteness is coming! If you’re like me and opt to watch the Puppy Bowl during the Big Game, then this year is going to be a treat.

Animal Planet has partnered up with shelters and rescues from around the U.S. to bring you 84 puppies in this year’s Puppy Bowl lineup, but this time they are bringing it to us in virtual reality.

On Sunday, February 7 from 3-5 PM ET/PT, you will be up-close and personal for two hours of fuzzy faces, sloppy kisses and puppy penalties. Puppy Bowl VR will be an epic matchup between #TeamRuff and #TeamFluff, viewing the rivalry straight from the 50-yard line in 360-degree video.

So what are a few things you can look look forward to during the big puppy game?


360 Degree Slow-Motion Replays
Team Ruff gets possession from a fumble thanks to puppy Tate and what there’s 360 slow-motion replays???


Look Down for Serious Play Action
In a 3-way tug-o-war, Wrinkles looks like he may come out of this a winner.


Quick Huddles and Team Trash Talking
Sailor comes out of the “Fluff corner” as the team huddles at the “Ruff 35” yard line.

Puppy Bowl VR is available at, through the Discovery VR iOS and Android apps, Samsung Milk VR and on Animal Planet’s YouTube page.

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