PlayStation VR Cinematic Mode Apparently Works on Xbox One & Wii U

The latest VR headset on the market can connect to major consoles via HDMI.

Yes, you heard correctly. According to early reports by consumers, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is capable of running on current major consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U. While it was hinted at in previous showings that the PSVR would include PC support, it’s almost certain that Sony did not intend for the device to operate on rival consoles. So yeah, things are about to get interesting.

Now before you go all crazy planning your new Frankenstein console VR setup, it’s important to note that only a restricted version of cinematic mode will be accessible when using PSVR on a console other than the PlayStation 4. That means no Motion controller support, no head-tracking and a slightly-noticeable drop in picture quality. Basically you’ll get a giant theatre screen projected in front of you that, while still gorgeous, isn’t as crisp as watching on your actual 50 inch HD television.

Digital Foundry shows us how to set up the PS VR on Xbox One & Wii U.

So while we don’t anticipate a massive surge in PS VR purchases by Xbone or Wii U owners, it’ll be extremely interesting to see how this technology progresses in the future. Theoretically, one could connect the headset to any display featuring an HDMI input. With the right effort from the right people, this could easily become the cheapest, most versatile open-source VR headset on the market. Something the industry desperately needs at the moment. We’ll be sure to follow up on this new information as it continues to develop.

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