Iconic Sci-Fi Series Foundation Is Getting A VR Game

Explore the edge of the Galactic Empire in this upcoming role-playing adventure for PS VR2, Quest, and Pico 4 VR headsets.

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series has served as the inspiration for many of the science fiction films, television, and video games we enjoy today. So imagine our excitement when we learned that VR developer Archiact (DOOM 3: VR Edition, FREEDIVER: Triton Down) is developing an original VR experience that will allow you to explore Asimov’s epic story.

The game is apparently based on the book series rather than the recent Apple TV adaptation, if that has any impact on your decision to purchase.

According to an official release, Journey to Foundation is a role-playing adventure in which you play Agent Ward, a spy sent by the Empire to infiltrate a group of deserters as part of a clandestine operation. During your mission, you uncover a secret that could “change the course of history.”

The game features a technology the developer refers to as “dynamic conversations,” which promise more realistic interactions with in-game characters. Throughout your adventure, you’ll make decisions that directly impact your story as well as your relationships with other characters.

Credit: Archiact

When you’re not chatting it up with interesting folks from across the galaxy, you’ll be engaging in fast-paced shootouts, sneaking past guards, and influencing the emotions of others using the elegant mental science of Mentalics. How you choose to approach each situation is up to you.

“Journey to Foundation is a major milestone for us,” said Kurt Busch, studio head of Archiact, in an official release. “It’s the culmination of all our experience innovating VR gameplay elements, from locomotion to conversation to UI to combat. It’s built by a veteran team with a passion for VR-first game development. It’s an epic game, inspired by an iconic IP.”

Credit: Archiact

I believe in VR as a powerful new medium for immersive roleplaying and storytelling,” added Ken Thain, executive producer of the game. “And building a VR game from the groundbreaking Foundation book series has been an incredible journey. I truly can’t wait for people to experience this adventure first-hand.”

Journey to Foundation will be available in Fall 2023 on PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, and Pico 4 VR headsets. For more information visit

Feature Image Credit: Archiact

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