HTC Teases A Mysterious New Vive Headset

“Go small or go home.”

Roughly a year after the reveal of the Vive Flow, HTC has begun teasing its next VR headset. The company posted a tweet earlier today that reads “Go small or go home.” Accompanying the message is a close-up photo of what we can only assume is the mysterious new hardware.

In an official email sent to VRScout, HTC confirms the device in question is in fact a headset and outlines its progress from the past year, specifically highlighting key hardware releases such as the Vive Flow, Vive Wrist Tracker, and Eye and Facial tracking add-ons for the Vive Focus 3.

Other than that, we know little to nothing about HTC’s next headset other than the fact that it will be a “smaller” piece of hardware according to the company. Could this be a follow-up to the Vive Flow? Or perhaps a standalone VR device meant to compete with the Meta Quest 2?

It’s also worth noting that today’s announcement comes less than a week ahead of the Meta Connect 2022 conference, during which Meta is expected to real its next headset. Codenamed Project Cambria, the workplace device reportedly features high-resolution colored passthrough, allowing for more complex mixed reality experiences.

According to HTC, more details regarding their mysterious new device are on the way, so it looks as though we’ll just have to wait to find out more. Until then, don’t miss Meta Connect 2022 Tuesday, October 11th at 10:00am PT.

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Image Credit: HTC

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