Free Roam VR Game ‘Eye Of The Temple’ Coming Next Month

Explore a jungle temple riddled with deadly traps and complex puzzles in a full-body VR experience inspired by classic adventure films.

After an impressive five years of development, Danish independent developer Rune Skovbo Johansen has announced the official release date for the highly-anticipated free-roam PC VR experience Eye of the Temple. In this unique full-body VR experience, you’ll take on the role of an Indiana Jones-esque adventurer and explore an ancient mountaintop temple located deep within the jungle.

What sets the game apart from its fellow VR adventure games is its impressive use of room-scale technology. Rather than relying on artificial locomotion mechanics like point-and-click teleportation, Eye of the Temple has you physically moving throughout your real-world environment using your own two feet.

Thanks to some clever level design, only 2m x 2m of space is required in order to play. The game makes excellent use of in-game elements like moving platforms to transport you across the virtual temple using a minimal amount of real-world movement.

Image Credit: Rune Skovbo Johansen

As you progress through this ancient labyrinth you’ll be faced with a variety of puzzles to solve and traps to avoid. Thankfully, you’ll be equipped with several useful items, including the torch and whip—the ladder of which can be used to activate out-of-reach levers and shoo away pesky creatures.

After sampling an early version of the game last year, I found myself obsessed with the games’ expertly crafted whip physics. When you’re not solving puzzles, you’ll be balancing your way through a maze of moving platforms and physically dodging a wide array of lethal booby traps.

Eye of the Temple was born out of a desire to combine the immersion of moving with your own body in room-scale VR with the ability to explore a vast environment with lots of verticality and large open spaces,” said Rune Skovbo Johansen in an official release. “When I started out, I never expected it would take five years to finish the game, but the scope and ambition of the game grew along the way. After going full-time indie last year, I’ve finally been able to complete it, and now I’m very excited for players to be able to experience this adventure for themselves very soon.”

Image Credit: Rune Skovbo Johansen

As you navigate your way through this primitive gauntlet, keep a lookout for hidden treasures. If you miss out on anything during your initial playthrough, don’t worry, you can always revisit the temple after you’ve completed the game. For an additional challenge, you can unlock a speedrun mode in which every step you take increases the speed of the moving blocks.

Eye of the Temple arrives on PC VR headsets via SteamVR on October 14th. Until then you can try the game out for yourself by downloading the First Steps demo available free on Steam.

Feature Image Credit:Rune Skovbo Johansen

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