‘Captain Toonhead’ Promises A Balls To The Wall VR FPS Tower Defense Experience

Save humanity from a vicious dictator after a burrito-related explosion wipes out Earth’s last defenses.

Whereas many VR games and apps strive to offer the most realistic experience possible, upcoming VR FPS tower defense game Captain Toonhead vs the Punks from Outer Space takes a slightly different approach, offering players a cartoon-inspired experience bursting at the seams with ridiculous characters, outrageous weaponry, and colorful cyberpunk environments.

Here’s the scoop: Nikolas Voorhees, Earth’s last dictator, is mounting a massive assault against humanity using his army of cyberpunk warriors. With Earth’s entire defense force incapacitated thanks to a burrito-related disaster, it’s up to you, Elliot Salazar—cartoon fanatic and space technician—to save the world from this ridiculous threat. Thankfully, you’ll have a wide range of blasters and automatic weaponry at your disposal.

Captain Toonhead combines classic FPS action with the tower defense genre for a unique hybrid experience. As humanity’s last survivor, it’s up to you to defend your base and prevent Voorhees’ army from stealing your valuable Enercubes. Much like existing tower defense games, you’ll have the chance to place both offensive and defensive automatic weaponry, such as the pizza-firing turret and piñata blitz, strategically around your base.

Once the round begins, you can then use your arsenal of upgradeable blasters to battle enemies on the front line. Foes can range from standard cyberpunk soldiers to technologically-enhanced Tyrannosaurus rexes, terra-sharks, bomb-wielding copter cats, ruthless cyberchickens, and various other unique combatants. Some of the tougher enemies will leave behind useful goodies such as jetpacks, healing bots, and care packages. Enercubes rescued from enemies can be used to upgrade your weapons and base.

“Captain Toonhead started with a fantasy,” said Enrique Fuentes, CEO of Teravision Games, in an official release. “How awesome would it feel to experience a tower defense if you were fighting waves of enemies from the front lines, in first-person — while fully immersed in VR?” 

“It was very important to us to make something genuine to who we are as developers,” added Fuentes, “so we didn’t shy away from including some Latin American elements like our super-powerful chancla and a piñata-launching tower. Even our hero was designed to be a true reflection of us and our love for geek culture. All of us here at Teravision Games are ‘toonheads’, and hopefully we created something that many other toonheads out there will enjoy.”

Captain Toonhead vs the Punks from Outer Space is scheduled to arrive the first half of 2021 on Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets. For more information visit here.

Image Credit: Teravision Games

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