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The VRScout Report is a weekly live video show + podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

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Past VRScout Podcast Episodes

Episode 34

Episode 34 – We cover NFL’s new VR series, Intel buying Voke, indigenous languages living on with VR, Unity’s big developer updates, Microsoft’s line of VR headsets, Apple using VR to develop self-driving car, money & funding, and more. Special guest VRScout’s Ryan A. Bell.
Episode 32

Episode 32 – We cover the pulse on PlayStation VR, USA Today’s parent company premieres VR news show, the NBA to stream 1 game/week in virtual reality with NextVR, Google wants YOU, investment & funding wrapup, and more.
Episode 31

Episode 31 – The developers behind the titles at Oculus Connect 3: Steve Ip from VRScout chats with the makers of Arktika.1, an FPS from 4A Games; SingSpace, a karaoke experience from Harmonix, the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band; and Luna, a soothing storybook world puzzle game from Funomena.
Episode 30

Episode 30 – Malia talks Oculus Connect 3 and the full slate of announcements, getting insights and takeaways from: Max Cohen, VP of Mobile at Oculus; Raj Rao of uSens; Ela Darling of Cam4; Tahdg Kelly of VReal; and Ashley Pinnick of California Rex.
Episode 29

Episode 29 – Malia talks Snapchat and the upcoming Spectacles, as well as Palmer Luckey’s political controversy and much more.
Episode 28

Episode 28 – Malia talks new 360 toys on iOS, Hololens is helping elevator technicians, VR might help you control your dreams, Apple CEO Tim Cook on augmented reality, VR/AR industry funding wrapup, and more.
Episode 27

Episode 27 – Malia talks Oculus Story Studio’s Emmy win, NASA training, Snapchat flirting with AR, HTC Vive trying to go wireless, and iPhone laying potential plans for VR/AR…
Episode 26

Episode 26 – Malia talks Jon Favreau’s new VR experience, Bjork, Alibaba, industry investments and much more.
Episode 25

Episode 25 – Malia talks Obama in VR, Sliver TV’s latest platform, Samsung patents, Viveport, plus much more.
Episode 24

Episode 24 – Malia talks Deepak Chopra VR, STRATA, Nokia OZO, the NY Times VR plan, plus much more.
Episode 23

Episode 23 – Malia talks VRLA, Samsung updates and GoPro’s latest 360 video solution, plus much more.
Episode 22

Episode 22 – Special feature: an interview with “Cymatic” Bruce Wooden, Altspace VR’s head of developer and community relations in virtual reality.
Episode 21

Episode 21 – Malia talks Facebook’s 360 camera, Metaworld, funding within the VR/AR space and much much more.
Episode 20

Episode 20 – Malia talks Google’s big plans for VR, 360 live-streaming, VR consumer sentiment surveys, Mark Cuban and all the VR we saw at Comic-Con.
Episode 19

Episode 19 – Malia talks Magic Leap, Pokemon Go, investment and funding updates, Oculus, and Tesla.
Episode 18

Episode 18 – Malia talks Pokemon GO, VR porn industry, money moves in funding and some therapy applications of VR plus much more.
Episode 17

Episode 17 – Malia talks animation in Google Daydream, VR field trips, HTC’s Vive subsidiary and much much more.
Episode 16

Episode 16 – Malia talks Samsung VR, Oculus’s DRM tool, the ZED Gear VR camera, and a number of new funding rounds for VR studios.
Episode 15

Episode 15 – Malia covers E3’s big virtual reality presence, Microsoft’s Hololens and Aecom team up to bring augmented reality to the American mulitnational company’s engineering and construction projects, Oculus catches heat for secret exclusivity deals, VRSE changes its name to Within, Magic Leap and Lucasfilms team up to bring Star Wars into your home, Star Trek releases an amazing multiplayer Bridge Crew, and Michael Bay brings explosions to VR.
Episode 14

Episode 14 – Discussing the week in VR with Reverend Kyle from Rev VR, VR analyst Matthew Terndrup, and Eric Chevalier from VRScout.
Episode 13

Episode 13 – Discussing the week in VR with Christina Heller from VR Playhouse, VR developer Caleb Eubanks, and VRScout’s editor-in-chief Jonathan Nafarrete.
Episode 12

Episode 12 – Discussing the week in VR with Andy Fidel from the Montreal VR Group, Mike Murdock of TriHelixVR, and Eric Chevalier from VRScout.
Episode 11

Episode 11 – Discussing the week in VR with Robyn Gray of Otherworld, VR investor Ben Smith, and Eric Chevalier from VRScout.
Episode 10

Episode 10 – Discussing the week in VR with Ryan Bell of Summit Live, Chadwick Turner of CircleVR, and Jonathan Nafarrete from VRScout.
Episode 9

Episode 9 – Discussing the week in VR with Tyson Woeste of TransportedVR, Azad Balabanian of UploadVR, and Eric Chevalier from VRScout.
Episode 8

Episode 8 – Discussing the week in VR with Tony Mariani of Vrideo, Julie Young of Emblematic Group, and Jonathan from VRScout.
Episode 7

Episode 7 – Discussing the week in VR with Tyson Woeste of Transported VR, Gunter of Gunter’s Universe, and Jonathan from VRScout.
Episode 6

Episode 6 – Discussing the week in VR with Ben Vance from Buffalo Vision, VR director Mike Murdock, and Eric from VRScout.
Episode 5

Episode 5 – Discussing the week in VR with Eva Hoerth, RealityCheckVR, and Eric from VRScout.
Episode 4

Episode 4 – Discussing the week in VR with Gunter of Gunters Universe, Christina from VR Playhouse and Eric from VRScout.
Episode 3

Episode 3 – Discussing the week in VR with Gunter of Gunters Universe, Bullardo from PodVR and Reverend Kyle from Rev VR.
Episode 2

Episode 2 – Discussing the week in VR with Gunter of Gunters Universe, Jenn Duong from RYOT and VRScout’s Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Nafarrete.
Episode 1

Episode 1 – Discussing the week in VR with Bullardo of PodVR and VR director Mike Murdock.

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