Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Surprises Fans With Sketch in VR

Kazuki Takahashi uses Tilt Brush to bring everyone’s favorite five foot duel-master to life.

In appreciation for the support surrounding the release of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh feature film, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions, show creator and all-around amazing manga artist Kazuki Takahashi decided to thank fans with an extra special VR rendition of the shows main protagonist, Yugi Muto.

In a short video released via Takahashi’s official Instagram account, the artist uses popular VR art tool Tilt Brush to draw a 3D version of the pint-sized hero in real-time.

“Thank you to all the fans who have watched Yu-Gi-Oh movie ~~ thanks!” he wrote. “I tried using Tilt Brush for this VR painting. Line and light expression is a fun tool!” Takahashi captioned the video.

Kazuki has a long history of sharing behind-the-scene looks at his various projects as well as creating cute artwork for fans, which could easily explain his decision to share the sketch of Yugi in an interesting new medium. On the other hand however, this could also be a subtle nod to the future of the mega-popular series. After all, the sixth and newest iteration of Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, is set to feature a brand new protagonist using new VR dueling technology to battle his opponents in cyberspace. Hopefully this leads to even more VR artwork by Takahashi in the near future. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a Blue Eyes Black Dragon in 3D. Or, dare I even say it, a three-dimensional Exodia perhaps? No…no that’s just asking too much…

You can see more VR artwork Takahashi has shared on Instagram below, which the artist says he is becoming more addicted to experimenting with:

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