YouTube Space LA Sharing 360 Horror Videos Every Week


The folks over at YouTube Space LA have been serving up screams on a weekly basis with their 360-degree Horror video series.

In the months leading up to Halloween, sections of YouTube Space LA were transformed to provide multiple horror sets to creators. The LA creator space, located in the heart of Silicon Beach, was designed for creators to produce video content, learn new skills, and collaborate with the YouTube community. Based on this latest 360 video series, there may have been more stabbing than collaborating.

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From Hide and Seek 360 Horror Episdoe

Every Friday for the past month, YouTube Space LA has released a new 360-degree horror video, showcasing a range of sets and stories, as well as surfacing the unique challenges when shooting 360-degree video for each.

Last week’s 360 video of the five-part horror series is titled “Monster Hunter.” The video features one scary looking monster, whose makeup apparently took 8 hours, and YouTube creator Jake Roper. Monster Hunter makes use of a 360 GoPro rig attached to the chest of the monster actor Brent Coble to give a unique first-person POV.

Another favorite of ours is the “Eat You Alive” video, which has a ton of zombies and you guessed it, eating people alive. Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes for small tips shared about shooting in 360.


Eat You Alive Stitching and Post-Production Screenshot

So if you’re in for a scare, especially just in time for Halloween, head over to YouTube Space’s channel, and be sure to turn off the lights and have your headphones on. We don’t expect you to have a VR scout Carly’s reaction, but it’s worth a try.

The last episode in the series comes out this Friday, the day before Halloween. Spooky.

Image Credit: YouTube Space LA

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