Watch This VR DJ Livestream an Entire Set With the HTC Vive

DJing in virtual reality is a thing now.

VR has the potential to open up an entirely new world of creative expression, whether changing the way we interact with games and film, or creating new forms of art, virtual reality can be a powerful tool.

So when we see everything from live-painting in VR with Tilt Brush to users interacting with beats in the VR game Audio Shield, we get excited. But what happens when you combine the artistic freedom of Tilt Brush with the idea of music creation of Audio Shield – enter VR DJing.

Last month, San Francisco-based Grimecraft teamed up with the Austin-based VR creators of TheWave to Twitch livestream a one hour session of him DJing with the HTC Vive.


What does a VR DJ set look like?

You can watch the Twitch stream video below, but TheWave for the Vive lets users create music in an entirely new way with virtual 3D interfaces. There’s no physical equipment, but instead 3D objects floating in front of the DJ, where in this case, Grimecraft can be seen interacting with large geometric shapes and boxes that control filters, EQ, and basic level meters for each deck. It’s a pretty basic DJing setup, but when broadcast live or on a giant screen for partygoers to experience and enjoy, we start to see a hint of a new form of live entertainment.

Around the same time as his livestream, Grimecraft also performed live at a party during the Game Developer’s conference in San Francisco. This time, instead of a livestream room of Twitch viewers, it was a room of actual partygoers with an added feature. In kind of a silent disco-like experience, the feature let partygoers experience the DJ set in a Gear VR headset while Grimecraft was on stage performing a set.


The event demo showed what a live cross-platform networked experience could look like. Meaning, aside from the Gear VR, attendees could also connect using other headsets like a Rift, Vive, Cardboard, or their mobile phone if they wanted, making this potentially one big global DJ dance party. So you didn’t actually have to be in the audience at the club to enjoy the VR DJ set, you could be anywhere as long as you were connected with a proper device.

With the team at TheWave having already demoed live performances in a nightclub and livestreamed on Twitch, you can start to see a future where larger audiences will be able to enjoy the performance from the dance floor or the comfort of your home – completely your choice.

Image Credit: Grimecraft

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