This Virtual Reality Demo Gets Your Head In The Game

Soccer header virtual reality

Heading down to the concession stands to grab a slice of pizza and soda at halftime during that drawn out soccer match? You just might stumble across the distraction you’ve been looking for.

Placed in the breezeway of the stadium’s concession level, fans are crowded around a dude vigorously air high-fiving with his head. Setup in front of him, a flat screen TV displaying a soccer goal lined with targets.

Part shooting range, part interactive soccer game, “Header Goal VR” is what a game of soccer heading in virtual reality looks like, and fans can’t get enough.

The latest virtual experience is the work of Turkey based experiential studio Codemodeon. Developed for one of Turkey’s largest online betting sites, the custom built level was designed specifically for sporting events around the country.

Speaking with Yağız Hatay, Co-Founder of Codemodeon, Nesine was looking for an experiential solution that would not only catch the attention of fans passing by, but also allow them to participate and interact with a game of competitive ball heading.

The Header Goal VR experience let’s fans don an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, stand inside a safety pen, and physically move their head to virtually knock incoming soccer balls at targets around a goal.

header goal soccer virtual reality

The targets are all labeled with different points. It may take a few tries, but see if you can knock your virtual ball into the basketball hoop for 100 points.


Be on the look out for a flying drone with a box of explosives! Nice shot!


Watch your score increase on the score board. If you’re a master header, maybe you’ll even set a new record and end up on the leaderboard. Yay fireworks!


Although Header Goal VR is currently just a game demo for event marketing purposes, the company is planning to create additional levels to the game and is even developing a level editor for developers to play with. The plan is to release the full game by early next year for the launch of the consumer version Oculus Rift.

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