Introducing the VRScout Show

2015 was a huge year for virtual reality and 360-degree video.

Back in March, YouTube flipped a switch and began allowing creators to upload 360-degree videos, creating an entirely new type of experience for fans to interact with content from their favorite creators. Facebook soon followed suit, unleashing 360 videos in the News Feed and giving creators even more options to reach a wider audience with their immersive video content.

It is because of these creators, working feverishly on their projects, that the language and future of storytelling is continually being pushed forward. These passionate creators are the ones working day and night to bring us some of the most amazing videos and compelling stories to light, all within this new medium.

But the challenge for us here at VRScout has always been finding the best way to share all this amazing content that is being created with the community.

Everyday new 360-degree videos are uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and other immersive video platforms like Vrideo. We strive to highlight and discover the best in virtual reality, but when it comes to 360 video, there are often too many videos uploaded daily to cover it all. Even when we do cover the work from some of these creators, writing about it often doesn’t do it justice.

360-degree video needs to be experienced, and even before that, it needs to be discovered.

That is why today we are releasing the first episode of our VRScout virtual reality show. To us, the VRScout show is a first-of-its-kind content discovery experience – an interactive guided journey through the most amazing stories, creations, distant lands, and new worlds from creators like you.

And what better way to kick off the VRScout show then by showcasing a few samples of our favorite 360-degree video experiences of 2015. Our hope is that we can help you discover what creators are regularly dreaming up, all while placing you at the center of this content universe, witnessing the future unfold with us.

We have a few new episodes already planned next, but we also want to hear from you on what 360-degree videos we should feature next. Let us know!

In this first episode of the VRScout Show, we are highlighting video content from the following creators:

Get Barreled in Tahiti featuring C.J. Hobgood via World Surf League

Space Girl 360 – Training Day! via iwantmylauren

Zombie “Thriller” Dance via pipocaVFX

Pac-Man in 360 via Andy Front Films

Avicii – Waiting For Love (Jump VR Video) via Avicii

About the Scout

Jonathan Nafarrete

Jonathan Nafarrete is the co-founder of VRScout.

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