Taqtile’s PGA Golf Tour HoloLens Demo

This HoloLens golf demo lets you see best tee-off locations, hazards and holes all in augmented reality.

Seattle-based mobile app developer Taqtile Mobility has teamed up with Microsoft to create an AR demo on the HoloLens that shows golf player historical data and scoring information for the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass, a PGA Tour golf course in Ponte Vedre, Florida.

The HoloLens application uses PGA Shotlink data, which records every historical shot made in the PGA competition, letting users see where players landed shots combined with other environmental and scoring data overlaid on a holographic board. The rest of the demo was built from a 3D model of the hole.


According to VentureBeat, Taqtile demonstrated their latest HoloLens demo to PGA Tour officials, sponsors, and players at the annual The Players Championship that just concluded Sunday. The hope for Taqtile is to also show fans a similar first-person streaming experience like the demo in the near future.

Last month, we saw NextVR partner up with the Masters to bring VR live-streaming straight to Gear VR owners. The idea was to transport you to hole number 6 and 16, giving you a look from the tee-box or green of both holes.

Although the VR live-stream was entertaining to watch, what Taqtile is demoing with the HoloLens can go beyond just entertainment and into the world of practical tools. For a player or caddie to plan their attack on a hole, visually identifying the best tee-off locations, hazards and hole locations in augmented reality is something I am sure many would love to experiment with.


Taqtile teamed prepped for the Players Championship HoloLens demos.

Taqtile is not just stopping with golf either. The company is also developing a HoloLens demo for the pro soccer team Real Madrid, giving fans a unique viewing experience that includes data on the stadium, scoring, and other players stats.


The PGA Tour is also experimenting with VR in addition to their early AR experiments with Taqtile at the Players Championship. PGA Tour Teams worked with STRIVR to capture 3 to 4 VR video on demand stories last week. These stories will be released on Samsung Gear VR where they are planning to roll out a new version of the PGA TOUR VR app. The same content will be released as 360 videos on Facebook and YouTube. In addition to these efforts Verizon also offered a VR experience to fans in the Stadium Village throughout the Championship.

Image Credit: Taqtile

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