Surfing the Legendary Barrels of Tahiti in 360 Video


The surf break in Teahupo’o, Tahiti is known for having some of the deadliest waves in the world. Although some may visit the French Polynesia island of Tahiti in their lifetime, most will never get a chance to surf the legendary barrels of Teahupo’o. Now thanks to some veteran surfers and immersive filmmakers, you can now experience the thrill for yourself from the comfort of your home.

Sydney-based Rapid VR created the latest 360-degree VR film in partnership with the World Surf League (WSL) and Samsung. The 360 VR film features former WSL World Champion CJ Hobgood and was directed by renowned surf filmmaker Taylor Steele.


Viewers go underwater with surfers overhead

The film was captured with 360-degree GoPro camera rigs in a waterproof housing, taking the viewer underwater as waves crash overhead or riding alongside Hobgood as he barrels through crystal-clear waves. The combination of underwater footage and wave riding provides variety to the shots in the short film, giving a cinematic quality to the experience. The 360 video of Hobgood surfing is slowed down and the camera rig attached to his body is edited out of the footage, transporting the viewer as if standing right next to him on the board.

Hobgood with GoPro 360 body rig.

Hobgood with GoPro 360 body rig.

The 360-degree film can now be experienced on Facebook and YouTube 360, after debuting last week at the Portugal round of the World Surf League’s Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, where fans and athletes were able to experience it through Samsung Gear VR headsets. Have your own Gear VR headset? The film should be making it’s way soon to the Milk VR app.


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