Stuntman Backflips Over Formula E Car in 360°

Watch Bond stuntman, Damien Walters, backflip over a Formula E car in this 360° video.

In a worlds first, Damien Walters, becomes the first person to ever carry out a fully blind car-dodge captured in 360° video for VR.

Walters, who has worked as a stunt double for the likes of Daniel Craig (Skyfall) and Michael Fassbender (Assassin’s Creed) partnered with experienced stunt driver, Alistair Whitton, (The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, and Jason Bourne) to carry out the stunt.

The 36o° video was produced by UK based VR studio REWIND. Joined by a specialist team of 60 out in Mexico City, REWIND captured the video using a custom car 360° rig designed to stay mounted despite the high speeds the car needed to reach to achieve the stunt.


REWIND told VRScout told that “once captured, the biggest challenge faced by the team was delivering high quality stitch on the fast moving scenery, whilst still keeping the car and driver accurately stitched despite their proximity to camera.”

You can watch the dramatic 360° video – from the team’s careful preparations to the nail-biting moment Damien actually makes the jump – below.

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Alaster Armitage-Brain

Alaster is the UK Editor-at-Large for VRScout. Outside of VRScout he is producing VR content for leading brands around the world.

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