Jump on Stage with Unity-Chan Candy Rock Star VR!


Get a taste of what live stage concert experiences could be like in the future with the latest Unity-chan! app now available in the Samsung Gear VR store.

The full name of the actual app is “Unity-chan! Candy Rock Star Live Stage!” and if the two exclamation marks don’t give it away, this is a in your face, anime dance move, singing live concert with lots of flashing lights!


Just in time for the Tokyo Comic Market 89 (Comiket 89), Japan’s anime creator marketplace event later this month, the free to download app Unity-chan! transports users on stage to experience the latest song “UNITE IN THE SKY” sung by Kohaku Otori. The entire experience is powered by Unity and utilizes much of the 3D assets of Unity-chan that were made available for game developers to use in games by the Japanese division of Unity.


Upon starting up the app, you will find yourself on stage with Kohaku Otori, a character and voicebank for Unity-chan. Kohaku Otori is available on the Unity with VOCALOID platform, a Unity plugin intended for dance videos or games and most notably for real-time voice synthesizing in the game engine. As Kohaku Otori dances and sings away on stage, you can change viewing perspectives by tapping the touchpad on the Gear VR.


Whether or not you are watching from a top-down perspective of Kohaku Otori, dancing on-stage, or high in the audience seats, changing perspectives is pretty simple and in real-time.

I can’t wait to see more experiences like this, being able to watch live-concerts from multiple camera angles and being able to switch perspectives in real-time within an app experience. Although live-action footage can be immersive and engaging, right now, it’s not going to come close to the anime dance moves and poses of Unity-chan!

WARNING: There are scenes in this experience that expose the user to flashing lights at high intensities that may effect those with light sensitivity or epilepsy.


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