Nescafe Celebrates International Coffee Day with VR App

Nescafe Virtual Reality 360 Video

Nescafé is providing coffee fans around the world with an immersive virtual reality experience, transporting consumers to Brazil’s coffee fields with 3D 360-degree videos.


Coinciding with International Coffee Day on September 29, Nescafé has launched the Nescafé 360 app, available for both Android and iPhone. Fans can slip their mobile device into a Google Cardboard viewer and a see what it’s like to travel through a coffee farm or watch farmers pick and roast beans. The hope is to feature Nescafé’s plan for helping its supplier farmers achieve better quality coffee, higher yields, and an increased income.


In addition to the three 360-degree videos, Nescafé is distributing around 10,000 headsets across 13 markets, either through in-store events or as giveaways.

You can check out a non-3d version of one of the videos below:

Nestle’s Nescafé brand has been quick to adopt new digital publishing platforms. In a bold move earlier this month, Nescafé became the first global brand to move all its international and local websites to Tumblr, ridding itself of traditional websites.

Looking to drive stronger awareness with younger consumers, Nescafé’s experiments with Tumblr and 360-degree video for Google Cardboard viewers, may be just the solution to develop closer relationships with their customers.

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