Mountain Dew Takes You on a VR Ride Backcountry

Mountain Dew VR Snowboard Ski

Dew VR Snow puts viewers into the bindings of their favorite winter athletes

Here at VRScout we love the fact that Los Angeles is one of the few locations where you can hit the ocean surf in the morning and shred packed mountains in the afternoon.

Mountain Dew is making it even easier to travel to your nearest mountain range this month with the slaying slopes of Dew VR Snow virtual reality experience.

Launched at the start of the Burton US Open on March 4, Dew VR Snow offers a chance to fly alongside freestyle celebrities Danny Davis, Scotty Lago and Jack Mitrani in the Utah backcountry. The virtual reality video takes you from the helicopter, the jump and land, and onto the glistening powder of Utah’s ungroomed backcountry mountain trails.

The latest virtual reality experience is produced in collaboration with creative agency Firstborn. The 360 virtual reality footage was filmed using six cameras (three for each eye) in a 3D-printed rig and a binaural, multidimensional sound setup.


Much like a GoPro on a selfie-stick, boarders like Jack Mitrani were taught how to ride while holding the camera setup and filmed the whole experience themselves without a crew.

Dew VR Snow moves through the mountain relatively quickly. If a viewer misses a trick, jump, or particular run, he or she can use the new Time Warp feature (developed internally by Firstborn)—with the push of a button, the video can be paused or replayed in virtual reality.

This isn’t Mountain Dew’s first activation in VR: last year, Mountain Dew introduced a virtual reality skateboarding experience at Dew Tour in Brooklyn.

Mountain Dew is known for encouraging their fans to “Do the Dew,”and virtual reality appears to be another effective tool in driving consumer lifestyle participation.

The growing trend of brands and content creators continues as creative agencies and brand executives are warming up to the fact that virtual reality can provide an even more effective journey into the hearts of consumers by immersing them in an experience as a more emotional marketing touch point.

Dew VR Snow is free to download on the Samsung Milk VR marketplace, and can be viewed by anyone with a Samsung Gear VR headset. Mountain Dew will be offering free demos at SXSW, I assume one of many many VR demoes to be expected at the conference.

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