A March to Save Earth with Pope Francis in VR

Thousands of people gathered together on the streets of Rome last November to march in defense of the climate – and it was all captured in 360-degree video.

Los Angeles based documentary VR content studio RYOT partnered up with the World Bank group’s Connect4Climate initiative to give us an immersive look at the People’s March for Earth that started at the Colosseum and progressed through the streets of Rome to later arrive at St. Peter’s Square where Pope Francis greeted the gathering of supporters.


The Connect4Climate team during the March for the Earth.

Utilizing a 12 GoPro stereoscopic 360° camera rig, the immersive video places you at the center of this march in the Eternal City surrounded by historic landmarks. The rich history of the location and supporters involved inspired the creation of this VR experience to really capture the energy through an immersive story that others could experience long after this day-long event concluded.

You can view the full video below:

The power of immersive storytelling to connect people with real issues around the world can not only inspire others to take action, but also has the potential to completely shape the way stories are told in the future with this new medium. Virtual reality can create empathy and that is a very powerful tool, especially for groups like Connect4Climate, who are trying to deliver messages that will connect with people that it will resonate with.


We have reported on a number of VR experiences produced by RYOT in the past, which the company is responsible for giving unique access to many important issues and events effecting humans around the world like the Dolphin Project 360 and the devastating Nepal earthquake. We even featured RYOT’s work with Pencils of Promise in our 360° VRScout Show that is available on YouTube and Facebook.


You can find out more information about Connect4Climate here.

Photo Credit: World Bank

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