Introducing the VRScout Creators Series: LA Edition

VR Creators Los Angeles

The Golden Age

Hollywood. Our cinema capitol of the United States. The reason Los Angeles has endured as the epicenter of moving pictures for the better part of the last century. The heart of a storytelling renaissance as the silent film was disrupted by new narratives like The Jazz Singer in the 1920s. Hollywood’s golden age, propelled by continuity editing and an unprecedented focus on mankind, endured for decades. The Hollywood studio system standardized the way movies were produced.

Hollywood’s Renaissance

Hollywood weathered a downturn and revitalization in the 60s and 70s on the backs of young, hungry directors like Polanski, Kubrick and Scorsese, driven to innovate and willing to take risks. We all rode that “new wave” as far as we could, but today find ourselves standing in a different city. A new world. The studio system no longer has a stranglehold on the stories we tell and LA’s beaches have become home to some of the most innovative technology companies of our time.

Don’t Call it Silicon Beach

As the world begins to prepare itself for virtual reality adoption, you’d be hard pressed to find a city more excited about it than Los Angeles, where entertainment, technology and independence are converging in a profound way. We find ourselves on an active fault line grinding creativity and innovation into an indistinguishable dust, primed to revolutionize the way we share information and experiences. We got a taste of it a couple weeks back at the VRLA expo.

Portable displays. Latency. Positional tracking. Technological affordances. It’s a thrill to see VR tech finally catching up to our imaginations. But the technology is only the means to an end, or rather the journey ahead.

If this profound change we face really lies in how and what we share, it will be the people and teams hustling in their offices, labs, garages, accelerators, co-working spaces and coffee shops who create this future.

Calling All LA Creators

To ring in the new era, we’re excited to introduce the LA Creator Series from VRScout. Our team exists to celebrate the people in virtual reality who see nothing between them and an elastic future but a few chain links. We’ll be spending the rest of the year pounding the concrete, tracking down the folks here in Los Angeles jumping that fence and creating tomorrow.

If you or someone you know fits the bill, drop us a line.

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Eric Chevalier

Eric Chevalier co-founded VRScout after a decade of content marketing in sports, entertainment and gaming. When he isn't sandy, Eric is scouring the streets of Los Angeles in pursuit of the best new storytellers from Hollywood to Silicon Beach.

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