Sit Shotgun with Jay Leno and his Tank Car in Virtual Reality

A change of pace from sitting in a race car or cruising the back country roads in virtual reality, Jay Leno is giving fans a nice leisurely drive down the streets of Los Angeles in his famous “Tank Car”.

For this YouTube 360 video, CNBC partnered up with Brightspot Creative and VR production agency Koncept VR to film the 360-degree ride from the passenger seat of Leno’s car. While Leno speaks directly to the camera throughout the video, the viewer gets a quick look at his garage and rides along in the twin turbo-charged “Tank Car”, named from the fact that it is powered by a M47 Patton tank engine.


Leno looking at his garage in his garage with the Gear VR

While filming when driving in 360-degrees poses a number of challenges for stitching and stabilization, the team at Koncept VR rigged a long monopod along the length of the car body to place the camera “floating” in the passenger seat next to Leno.


As Leno steps on the gas to jump on the freeway, other drivers must have been wondering what kind of car they were staring at. Is this Leno’s time machine with a floating teleportation camera? Just in time for the return of Marty McFly, it’s probably not the car or virtual reality he had in mind for his return to the future in October 2015.

CNBC also showed off the experience to attendees of the Televisions Critics Association Summer Press Tour with Samsung Gear VR headsets.


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