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The VR experience Kellogg’s doesn’t want you to see.

Here at VRScout, we’re all about scouting the best in virtual reality and sharing what we find with the growing community. But sometimes something catches our eye and you just can’t resist, in this case, possibly finding one of the most boring VR experiences from a brand yet.

For the UK launch of Kellogg’s Ancient Legends cereal, the American food company decided to try and get innovative by creating a VR experience that allowed users to taste their new product while immersed in the virtual world of Cleopatra.

Doesn’t sound bad right? And i’m sure the pitch deck (presentation) was littered with oversized font text and hero images that made you want to jump out of your seat in excitement – let’s do this virtual reality!


The Actual Virtual Cereal Tasting

The Kellogg’s brand activation utilized an Oculus Rift DK2 headset along with a Razr Hydra controller attached to a spoon that tracked users eating a bowl of Ancient Legends cereal. With headset on and spoon gripped tightly, users readied themselves for the first-ever VR cereal tasting experience.


Once inside the experience, users found themselves sitting at a table with a bowl of cereal placed in front of them – kind of like the reality they just left. But in VR, when they looked to their right, a CG version of Cleopatra was sitting in a chair next to them, also eating Ancient Legends cereal!

The participant quietly sat eating their bowl of cereal as Cleopatra ate her cereal alongside you. This is one hell of a breakfast date.


And if you’re asking yourself if eating cereal from a bowl while navigating a virtual spoon in VR is easy?

If you look closely enough, you’ll see all the users rocking an extra large bib for that moment when they dump a spoon full of milk and cereal straight on their lap. We tried to find photos of that moment, but all we uncovered were smiling photos of users having the most exciting cereal tasting experience of their lives.


That brings us to our last question. What does Kellogg’s cereal have to do with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Well as the story goes, Ancient Legends is packed with nutritious ingredients like flax seeds, chia, spelt and quinoa, all grains favored in the age of Cleopatra. Enough said.

Image Credit: Kellogg’s

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