Buckled in for a Goosebumps Virtual Reality Adventure

Jack Black Goosebumps Virtual Reality

Moviegoers may have come across a line of fans in the theater lobby this past weekend, all waiting to take a virtual reality thrill ride with Jack Black.

Carly bracing herself for the Goosebumps VR experience

VRScout’s Carly bracing herself for the Goosebumps VR experience

Leading up to the worldwide release of Goosebumps, in theaters October 16, Sony Pictures is giving theater patrons a chance to immerse themselves in an action-packed clip from the movie in virtual reality. Available in select theaters across the US, users will have a chance to slide into a D-BOX immersive motion-activated chair, slap on a Gear VR headset, and prepare for what’s next.

Jack Black is trying to stay calm.

Jack Black is trying to stay calm.

Headphones on and Gear VR queued to play, viewers immediately feel their chair rumble and find themselves in the passenger seat of a car with Jack Black. The two-minute long VR video clip catapults you through town with Black, playing Stine, at the wheel and trying to escape a giant Praying Mantis. Throughout the clip, Black talks to you as if you were actually sitting next to him. With the motion of the D-BOX chair synced to the action, you can feel every turn, acceleration, and Praying Mantis leg slammed into the road for a fully immersive experience.

You can feel every turn as you flee the Praying Mantis!

You can feel every turn as you flee the Praying Mantis!

The VR clip was inspired by a scene in the film, but was shot and created specifically for this VR experience. In fact, Rob Letterman, the director of Goosebumps, directed the experience himself. Taking an existing scene from the film, reshooting it for VR, and involving Black and Letterman. Kudos to the team for pulling that altogether.



Speaking with Michel Paquette, VP Marketing at D-BOX, the company jumped at the chance to team up with the studio for this unique VR experience. D-BOX has been designing and manufacturing motion systems intended for the entertainment, simulation, and training markets for years. With Goosebumps, the opportunity to expand further on the movie going experience with immersive motion really elevates the entire experience making you feel like you’re right there in the car with Jack Black.

In addition to Sony’s partnership with D-BOX, the company also partnered with creative studio and VFX power house MPC to shoot and produce the VR content.

The experience will be available in select international cities at future dates, tied to the film’s release.

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