First Interactive 360-Degree Music Video Hits YouTube


Google has been working hard over the past year to make way for 4K 60fps video playback and recently announced the added extra support for 360-degree video viewing as well. Now one of the first interactive music videos to take advantage of both new YouTube features has hit the web with Noa Neal’s ‘Graffiti’.

Desktop users who view Dutch artist Noa Neal’s latest 360-degree music video can drag their mouse around the video as you move down the street on the back of a flatbed with a full band and smoke machines in all it’s 4K glory. Oculus or Google Cardboard users can watch the music video in full virtual reality mode using the Kolor Eyes app.


Since YouTube announced 360-degree video support in January, we have slowly been seeing new interactive videos surface on the platform. Last year we saw Taylor Swift’s 360-Degree app experience created in collaboration with American Express. We expect to see more and more filmmakers dive into 360-degree video, even more so after Facebook announced at F8 that they would soon be supporting ‘spherical video’ as well.

The video was shot using 6 GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras mounted on a Freedom 360 video rig. Kolor Autopano Video Pro software was utilized to stich the 6 sourve videos together.

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