Overcoming Your Fear of Heights with Samsung Gear VR

1 in 4 people have a fear of heights and maybe VR can help solve that.

Samsung has just released a video teaser for their #BeFearless project to help people all over the world gradually overcome their fears through virtual reality and the Gear VR.

This latest video titled “Launching People” shows participants training with the Gear VR and a VR experience that challenges the user with varying levels of height simulations. After four weeks of training they were then invited to face their fear.


The Samsung video states, “Studies show that with constant practice, people can overcome their fear of heights. So we created a VR program called Be Fearless.”

The teaser video ends with participants facing their fears in reality, all with a big smile on their face. “87.5% of participants reduced their fear of heights” according the the Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital, VR Lab.


#BeFearless is the latest international marketing campaign that has popped up recently with a slew of videos showing individuals overcoming not only their fear of heights but public speaking like in the video below.

This campaign appears to be an extension to some of the videos we had seen in October of last year that briefly showed a Gear VR being used to overcome fears, but now these most recent videos put the Gear VR front and center within the spots.


VR progress report of height experience.

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