Experience the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquakes

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Over 8,600 people have died as a result of the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

It’s one thing to read a number like that on a page. It’s another to see it first hand. To stand in the rubble with the people left to put the pieces back together after the initial outpouring of support has passed.

Last week RYOT released a four minute virtual reality film, “Nepal Quake Project,” to experience the aftermath of the April 25th Nepal earthquake disaster. Narrated by Susan Sarandon, the film not only marks a first in natural disaster VR, but may represent the future of news and relief project awareness.

The Nepal Quake Project premiered at the Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, Colorado to much acclaim. In partnership with immersive video platform, Vrideo, the film is now available for the public to view online. If you have an Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2, you can experience the immersive project by following these directions provided by Vrideo.

This early expression of immersive journalism makes it is easy to see the power VR lends to any situation where people need help. As virtual reality becomes more accessible, and more social, we gain the ability to walk in another person’s shoes. In doing so, we lose some of our ability to forget about the needs of others if we sit far enough away from the epicenter.

The people of Nepal still need support. Badly. You can make a donation at to provide essential items like food, water and blankets to quake victims. 100% of funds raised will go directly to those on the ground.

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