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What originally started out as a 3D modeling experiment 8 months ago, soon evolved into a full-blown virtual world of the desert planet Tatooine from Star Wars.

VRScout chatted with 3D artist Sinan Zöngör of Germany about his latest Tatooine Oculus VR experience. Working as a 3D artist by day and spending his spare time scripting and designing the VR experience at night, his dedication for the project shows.

Check out the latest demo of Tatooine VR:

Although Sinan utilized some 3D art work shared for free from a number of artists around the world, other unique elements he designed himself. Sinan is proud of his modeling of bantha, the dewback, the Millenium Falcon, and the environment of Tatooine. His friend chipped in and helped model the gamorreans for him too.

For a 3D artist, the most challenging part of creating the Tatooine experience were the game elements. Sinan comments, “I’m a 3D artist, not a game developer. So the most challenging part for me was to create all the scripts that make you interact with the world.” Interactivity for the user such as applying forces to the landspeeder when you pull the trigger and the corresponding hand animation of your avatar when you steer, were all very new to his development process.

Even though scripting was challenging, it also provided the most satisfaction for him. Being able to interact with animated characters and elements within the experience were the most rewarding and fun for Sinan throughout the process.

Seeing how this is Sinan’s first stab at a VR experience, we will definitely be on the lookout for future projects. Sinan currently has no future plans to develop Tattoine VR out further, but he couldn’t be more excited to just share with “all the VR-nerds out there”.

He had originally not intended to make this public but eventually had to spread the joy he got from the experience.

The good news. Sinan submitted Tatooine VR to Oculus Share last week. So be on the lookout!

You can check out Sinan Zöngör’s other work on his site

UPDATE: You can now download Tatooine VR on Oculus Share

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