Drones are Filming Stunning Virtual Reality Branded Video

Patron Virtual Reality Film Drone

Patrón is reaching new heights in storytelling through the convergence of two hot filmmaking tools, drones and virtual reality.

Today, Patrón and agency Firstborn have created the “Art of Patrón Virtual Reality Experience,” giving viewers an all access tour of their agave fields and how tequila is made at its Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Patrón joins a growing list of alcohol marketers using virtual reality to give viewers a unique look and experience behind their manufacturing process.

Viewers who strap on an Oculus Rift headset will see the Patrón process from the perspective of a bee, Patron’s icon. The virtual tour of the Hacienda’s agave fields is meant to replicate the on-site experience and steps that go into making a bottle of tequila.

Custom-built drones equipped with seven GoPro cameras, binaural audio capture, and a team of FAA-certified pilots from Aerial Mob, help bring this new perspective and visual journey to life.


The live-action shots were overlaid with computer-generated images to allow for unique camera movements. The combination of CG and live action in VR allows for some stunning shots such as the bee flying through a keyhole into a room where employees are chopping agave plants.

“To bring our creative vision to life—the Patrón tequila-making process as seen through the eyes of a bee—we knew we’d have to be the first to combine those techniques,” says Firstborn associate creative director Cameron Templeton. “We partnered with Legend, who developed a groundbreaking system for that tracks CG in 360-degree footage, allowing us to set an entirely new creative standard for VR storytelling experiences.”


The project took five months to complete and will be used at retailers and Patrón events. A 360-degree web experience will also be posted online, and will eventually be available for Samsung GearVR.

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